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Online Safety

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When using social media sites, it is important to stay safe and not to share information that may put someone at risk. Exploiters and child abusers often use an online platform to target children and young people, so it is important to be aware of the risks.

Below are ways to keep safe online:

  • When choosing a profile picture for a social networking site like Facebook or Twitter, photos where a location can be identified should be avoided
  • Regularly checking privacy settings
  • Carefully select what is shared
  • Be aware of location settings – some sites like Snapchat let other users see locations
  • Only connect and chat to people on social media who are known to you
  • Don't meet up with strangers/people who you have met online
  • Regularly change password and use a range of symbols, numbers and letters for passwords.

For more information visit:

For children and young people

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