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Getting to know each other

 Content Editor

Just because you've met someone it doesn't mean that sex is the most important thing to do – the most successful relationships start with having fun, getting to know and understanding each other.

Here are 30 ideas on what you can do to get to know each other better and most importantly have lots of fun together:

  1. Go for a bike ride together
  2. Go to the cinema watch a movie and eat popcorn
  3. Have a day trip
  4. Go to a pub quiz
  5. Go to the park and have a picnic
  6. Go to a museum or gallery
  7. Go ice-skating
  8. Go to a pop concert
  9. Go out for a meal
  10. Cook a meal together or bake a cake
  11. Play cards or board games
  12. Visit your local leisure centre and try a sporting activity
  13. Go star-gazing
  14. Go for a walk in the country
  15. Go to the zoo
  16. Go rock climbing or hiking
  17. Go to the beach or lake for the day
  18. Go to a water park
  19. Play crazy golf
  20. Go to a shopping centre
  21. Go bowling
  22. Have a takeaway pizza and watch a movie
  23. Roast some marshmallows
  24. Visit each other's family
  25. Go fishing
  26. Quiz each other, discuss favorite places, foods, hobbies, dreams and ambitions
  27. Have a day at the fairground
  28. Have a spa day
  29. Take up a new hobby together
  30. Watch the sunset together

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