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Healthy relationships

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Successful Healthy Relationships

Relationships are an important part of life. They are a way to connect, feel understood and be loved. Every relationship requires good communication, patience and understanding.

Here are some essentials that spell success for a happy healthy relationship

Love yourself

Self-esteem is important for a healthy relationship. When you truly like yourself, in spite of any failings and weaknesses you may have, you'll feel confident. And when you feel confident and secure within yourself, you can enjoy being with your partner for the joy they bring to your life, not because you feel you need them to survive.   It's important to tell your partner you like them, too.  Warm words of encouragement and support build trust and respect.  Add the odd compliment as well and you'll be helping to boost their self-esteem.

For more information on self-esteem click here to visit the NHS website.

Good Communication

Good communication is essential for a healthy relationship. It's the only way you can tell your partner who you are, what you want and why you behave the way you do. Talking is the way we let each other into our private worlds.

Communicating better is about learning to say openly and honestly exactly what you think and feel. It also means listening to your partner without judgement.  It is important that you both feel valued and important and that you support each other's dreams and goals, as well as reassuring each other of your love and commitment.

Accept change

People change over the years and it's these changes that can keep a relationship alive. Life changes too – and not always in ways that we want.

Change can provide opportunities for growth and intimacy, but it can also be painful. It may mean adjusting to a new way of thinking or a new way of life. It may also mean letting go of things that have been familiar and safe.

In successful relationships, couples learn to adapt and change together. They accept that change is a normal part of human life and support each other, for better and for worse.

Love and Respect

A relationship requires love and respect that shows compassion and commitment to each other.  This is love that: does not pressure, respects, is honest, gives the benefit of the doubt, listens, trusts, cares, accepts, takes pleasure in the successes and joys of the other, accepts love without question of motive or condition and forgives.   

Spend quality time together

No matter how busy you are, it is important to spend quality time together. Play a sport, eat at your favourite restaurant or watch a movie together. You will feel the magic of love and connection that you have for each other.

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