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About the TAZ clinics

We're slowly reopening TAZ clinic and trying to get back to normal.  We can now offer you an appointment at TAZ if you need any of the following:

  • Contraception (such as the pill, implant, injection)
  • Emergency contraception (the 'morning after pill')
  • A pregnancy test (or help if you are pregnant and not sure what to do)
  • A test for sexually transmitted infections
  • Condoms

Please contact us in one of the following ways to make an appointment:

Call us on 01744 627697    Call or text 07795452161      Email us at

One of us will then call you back to take a few details and make your appointment. (if you email or text we’ll still need to call you to get some info from you and arrange your appointment)

Follow us:

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Meet the TAZ team

 TAZ selfie.JPG

Tom, Jackie, Hannah, Cathryn

We're the people you might have seen in your school delivering sex and relationships classes, running our 'Healthy Body / Healthy Mind' course, or in a TAZ drop-in.

What do we do?

We work in the TAZ Clinic.

One of us will be at the TAZ clinic every weekday (just Monday to Friday because we like to have a lie in at weekends – but don't worry, the clinic is still open on Saturdays, with a nurse). If you go to TAZ Clinic but do not need to see a nurse you will probably be seen by one of us.

Working in high schools

You might have seen one of us teaching in your sexual health lessons, or maybe been part of a longer course that we do with smaller groups.

In some High Schools we also have a TAZ drop-in that you can go to for information, advice, condoms and other things (it depends what your school will allow!). The drop-ins are confidential and everything we provide is free. See below for more info about what confidentiality means.

If you want to ask a question about relationships or sexual health, you can email us at

One 2 One

Sometimes young people work with us on their own, for lots of different reasons. Often it's because they need a bit of extra support with something that's happing in their life (relationships, friendships, or just the pressures of growing up). It's not always because they are sexually active, and it doesn't mean they've done 'something wrong'.

We're not here to tell you what you can and can't do (but we will make suggestions!). We think it's important that you have the right information, the skills and confidence to make the best choices, and be able to keep yourself safe. We're here to help you do that.

What we talk about

Whatever the reason you're working with us, we're very serious about confidentiality. This means that we won't (and can't) tell just anybody that you're working with us. The only other people who will know is the person who asked us to work with you in the first place (that might be a social worker or someone from school) and anybody that you choose to tell.

This bit's important! We can't promise that we will never speak to anybody else about you. Let's face it, sometimes young people find themselves in really serious situations that could put themselves or somebody else at risk of harm. An example might be that somebody is hurting you or making you do things that you don't want to do. In some cases like this we might have to speak to somebody else so that we can help to keep you safe. We will always try to talk to you about this first to explain why we are worried.


 For professionals

Contact the team on 01744 627697     email:

One to one work

We can provide targeted intervention with young people at risk of early parenthood, poor sexual health or other negative outcomes of risk taking behaviour.

Any professional wanting to refer a young person into the service should discuss their concerns with the young person (and their carers if appropriate), and complete a TAZ STHK referral form 2020.docx  or via Referrals can only be accepted with the consent of the young person.  For more advice on when to refer or advice on completing the form, please contact the team (details above)

Professional training

We offer a number of free training events for professionals TAZ professional training

Information for parents

We offer a briefing session for parents, jointly with YPDAAT.

The programme is free for parents and carers to attend and aims to:

  • Build confidence in discussing some of the difficult questions children ask about Relationships, Sexual Health, Drugs and Alcohol, with consideration to a child's age, experience and ability.
  • Provide knowledge of local sexual health and drugs & alcohol services for young people.
  • Identify further opportunities to develop or build on existing knowledge of the above issues.
  • Allow parents to have an awareness of the links between substance use and sexual health choices.

Please contact us to discuss availability for any parents you are currently working with.



Alongside the direct work with young people and support to families, The TAZ Outreach Team offers support and advice to professionals working with Young People in St Helens on issues relating to sexual health and relationships.

If you have concerns about a young person you are working with, and would like to speak to a member of the team for advice or support, please contact us using the details above.

Group work

We offer a targeted 'Healthy Body / Healthy Mind' course to young people in many High schools and other settings. This provides an opportunity for young people to find out about and discuss some of the most important elements of sexual health and relationships. Topics can include contraception, healthy relationships, self-esteem, online safety, virtual baby programme and confidence building. Please contact the Team to discuss the needs of your group.

What young people say:

"I loved all the sessions, the Team was amazing."

"I enjoyed everything in the TAZ sessions."

"Really good and helps you when you don't know what to do"

"I loved the group work"           "I learnt lots about healthy relationships"

"Very open, as we could talk about things we don't want to talk to our mums about"

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