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On this website you will find information about relationships, sex and sexual health, STI’s, pregnancy, advice on how to talk to others about sex and information about local sexual health services for St Helens.  PLEASE NOTE: most clinics are self-referral however for psychosexual therapy, a referral from your GP is required.

Taboos, misconceptions and lack of information about issues to do with sex, contraception, self-esteem and peer pressure can reinforce barriers and stereotypes, could prevent learning and can potentially lead to disengagement.

Who is this website for? And how can it be used?
The ‘Get it On’ website can be used;
  • By anybody in the public who might want to know more about their sexual health and where to go if they want any more information or to find local services.
  • By professionals working with young people & adults for sexual health issues, information and advice.
  • For parents to find out more information to discuss sexual health topics with their children at an appropriate level and suitable time.
  • As a guide for signposting clients to local services and further support.
  • Websites and phone numbers can be used to find out more information.
  • Anybody can use this website at any time – looking through specific sections as and when appropriate. Many people may want to use it to answer questions they may have or even just to know where services are if ever they need them. The Health Improvement Team in St Helens have asked local people what they would like to know more about and this website is a result of those conversations.

It is important that you are aware of all options available to you – whether that is advice on peer pressure, choosing the best method of contraception, treating Sexually Transmitted Infections or pre-termination counselling and pregnancy advice. ‘Get It On’ will cover all of these subject areas and will point you in the direction of services that will help you to make safe, informed choices about your sexual health.

Knowing and understanding your sexual health is a human right.

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