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Cancel Rearrange Appointment

We understand that sometimes plans change and you may have to cancel or rearrange your appointment. If you no longer need your appointment or need to change the time and date, please let us know as soon as you can so that the appointment slot can be reallocated to someone else. In addition to this each missed appointment cost the NHS approximately £120. You can do this by completing the form below.

Remember that sometimes symptoms go away but the underlying infection doesn’t, so it’s still worth getting checked. If you do not have symptoms of a Sexually Transmitted infection and feel comfortable completing a home testing kit you can order a testing kit

While we value our patients’ confidentiality very highly, sometimes people miss appointments that are vitally important for their health or the health of people close to them. We will do our best to contact these people and invite them back to see us at a mutually convenient time. If we can’t get hold of them and the issue is very important, we may write to their GP.


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