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U = U

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Undetectable =Untransmittable
We want everyone to know that a person living with HIV who has an undetectable viral load cannot pass on HIV to their sexual partners.

To understand U=U you need to know what a viral load is and why it is important. A viral load refers to the amount of virus in an HIV positive person's blood. This is expressed as the number of viral particles in each millilitre of blood. Once a person has tested positive for HIV they are given medication to help reduce the amount of virus to an undetectable level. They will attend regular hospital visits and have regular blood tests check how much virus is in it. 

In the graph you can see the amount of virus (the redline) decrease over time. If a person is on effective treatment and take their medication correctly they will eventually become undetectable which means you cannot pass on the HIV virus to your sexual partners.

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