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NHS St Helens and Knowsley Teaching Hospitals
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Please note that we are an APPOINTMENT ONLY service at St Helens hospital.

ALL patients are requested not to attend the clinic but to call 01744 646473 Monday to Friday between 9:30 am and 12:30 pm or 1:30 pm and 4:30 pm, a telephone consultation will be arranged to discuss your sexual health/contraception needs.  Should you need to be seen, an appointment will be made for you to attend. 

If you are concerned that you have any symptoms of monkeypox virus (MPV)  e.g. new unexplained rash on any part of the body, fever, new lumps on the neck, groin or under your arm, then please stay at home, avoid close contact with others and call 01744 646473 for further advice.  For further information please click here

If you have any symptoms of COVID-19, do not attend your appointment but please let us know so that we can rebook it at a suitable time. 

If you are contacting the clinic because your coil (IUD or IUS) or implant needs changing, please click here for more information. 

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