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Contraception – been there, read it, so why read this? Well, because the chances are you don’t know everything there is to know about protecting yourself from Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI’s) and unplanned pregnancies.

Why Use Contraception?

Different methods of contraception suit different people, but withdrawal (taking the penis out of the vagina before “ejaculation” – sperm comes out) is NOT a method of contraception. As soon as the penis gets stiff (an erection) there will be some sperm at the top of the penis which means this could cause pregnancy.

The Condom

Condoms are thin latex rubber things that a man can put over his penis to stop his sperm going inside the girl’s vagina. Used correctly and every time you have sex, condoms are 99% effective you can rely on them to prevent pregnancy and condoms help prevent STI’s.

How to use a Condom

If you are uncertain how to put on a condom, simply follow this step-by-step guide and the do's and don'ts of condom use...

Free Condoms by Post

There is a wide range of Free Condoms to choose from. Have fun finding out which type suits you best and make sure you get the right fit. Have a look at the different types of condoms available.

The Pill

The contraceptive pill is something that women can take to prevent pregnancy but it won’t protect you against STI’s. The most common type of pill is almost 100% effective as long as it’s taken correctly. Your doctor will tell you how it should be taken.

Short-acting Contraception

The methods of contraception described here have the advantage of being short acting and so your fertility will return to normal shortly after stopping them.

Long-acting Contraception

The methods of contraception described here all have the advantage that, once in place, you no longer need to think about them until they need to be replaced.

Emergency Contraception

If you had sex and didn’t use a condom or any other method of contraception, or you think that the method of contraception you used has failed in some way, the chances are that you or your partner will become pregnant.

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