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My coil (IUD or IUS) needs changing / my implant needs changing.

Following new guidance the Faculty of Sexual Health no longer recommends the routine extended use of Long Acting Reversible Contraception (this includes IUS- Nexplanon, Mirena, Levosert and the IUD- Copper Coil). We are currently in the process of contacting all those who may be affected by this. If you have previously spoken to one of our colleagues and have been placed on a waiting list to have your IUS/IUD replaced, or an Implant inserted/removed. You can contact the service by phone by calling 01744646473, please be aware the phone lines can get very busy and you may need to wait on the line.

Currently, the only time when the Faculty supports extended use of LARC for contraception is in older individuals using intrauterine contraception - any copper IUD inserted from age 40 can be used for contraception until after menopause, and a Mirena or Levosert inserted from age 45 can be used for contraception until the age 55. 

National guidelines for coil license remain the same see below.

Type of contraception
Usual license
5 year IUS / hormonal coil, Mirena
5 years
3 year IUS / hormonal coil, Jaydess
​6 years
10 year copper coil / IUD, TSafe 380
​​10 years
​5 year copper coil / IUD, miniTT, NovaT, Neosafe, Gynefix
5 years
Nexplanon Implant
​3 years

If you experience changes that concern you, for example, changes in your bleeding pattern or new pain, you can phone us for a telephone consultation on 0174464673. 

I was booked to have an implant/coil insertion

The service is currently not providing routine coil or implant insertions.  We recommend you use oral contraception until services resume normal in the UK.  To arrange for oral contraception supply please telephone 01744646473, we aim to phone you back same day or the next working day.

I need emergency contraception

Please telephone 01744646473.  We will phone you back the same day. 

I need a supply of my repeat depo provera injection.

The service is currently not providing depo injections.  We have however introduced the new Sayana Press. This works the same as the Delpo Provera injection, with the exception that you do it yourself. A nurse will show you how to use it correctly. To find out more information on Sayana Press and how it works check out this clip from  Lewisham Council or telephone 01744646473.

I need a supply of my oral contraception

If you usually see your GP for contraception, please contact them.

For oral contraception supply, please telephone 01744646473 for a telephone consultation. 

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