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The Pill

The contraceptive pill is something that women can take to prevent pregnancy but it won’t protect you against STI’s.

The pill works by stopping an egg from being released. This means that it basically tricks your body into thinking that you are pregnant so that you don’t ovulate (release an egg) and the cervical mucous (natural substance that exists in a woman’s vagina) thickens which stops sperm reaching the egg.

The most common type of pill is almost 100% effective as long as it’s taken correctly. Your doctor will tell you how it should be taken.

There may be some side effects but the chances are that they will go away after a short while. See a professional for advice.

Remember! If you are taking medication or if you are ill it may affect your contraception so always speak to a health professional or read the instructions on how to make sure you are always protected.

There are lots of different pills and you really need to talk to an expert who will help you decide which one is right for you. They are free and an option for anyone who has started their periods.

Even if you are under 16 you have the right to free, confidential advice on sex and contraception. Try your GP, nearest Community Sexual Health Clinic or Young People’s Clinic for more advice.

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