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Penis Size

Penis size is major concern with men. Lots of men compare themselves with the guy in the next urinal or the communal showers in the gym or at school. Don’t do this!

It’s best to look in a mirror because if we look sideways it gives the impression that that something is longer. There are many different shapes and sizes of penis’ and this is perfectly normal – nothing to worry about.

If you are worried about anything you think might be unusual you should book an appointment to see your GP.

Some Size Facts

  • Size does not matter. As long as the penis can enter the partner there is no reason why intercourse (and fertilisation of an egg if your partner is female) couldn’t happen.
  • The average erect penis size is 6.3 inches when measured from tip to base.
  • When becoming erect, a large flaccid penis does not increase proportionately in size as much as a smaller flaccid penis.
  • The size of a penis bares no relation whatsoever to man’s fertility
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