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Testicular Cancer

Around 2,100 men are diagnosed in the UK each year and testicular cancer is not that common.

Testicular Cancer is a hormonal cancer, very often identified by a lump in the testes. It is most common in men between the ages of 15 to 40 years and is currently one of the most treatable cancers. It has a cure rate of over 90% overall, essentially 100% if the cancer has not spread. If the cancer has spread, even this has a cure rate of around 85%.

It’s really important that all males regularly examine their testicles for abnormal lumps. It only takes a few minutes and should not be painful!

Signs & Symptoms

  • A lump, enlargement or hardening of the testis.
  • A dull ache or ‘heavy’ sensation in the scrotum, lower abdomen or groin. This may come and go.
  • Decrease in libido.
  • Lower back pain.
  • Swelling or tenderness of the breast area.
  • Increase in tiredness.
  • A build up of fluid in the scrotum.

Check regularly after a warm bath and see your GP immediately if you find any of the above.

More information on Testicular Cancer can be found at the NHS choices website.

Or check out the Mark Gorry Foundation ‘Love your Balls’ website: www.TheMGF.co.uk / www.loveyourballs.co.uk

Please follow this link to the Cancer Research UK website for help on how to examine your testicles to make sure they are healthy.

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