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The Prostate

Men have a small gland about the size of a walnut called the prostate gland. The prostate surrounds the first part of the tube (urethra) which carries urine from the bladder to the penis.

The same tube also carries sex fluid (semen). The prostate gland is divided into 2 lobes, to the left and the right of a central groove.  Doctors look at the 2 lobes when they are staging prostate cancer.

Warning! The following image shows a detailed cross section diagram of the male sexual and reproductive organs.

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What The Prostate Does

The prostate gland produces a thick clear fluid which is an important part of the semen.  The growth and function of the prostate depends on the male sex hormone testosterone, which is produced in the testes. Some treatments for prostate cancer work by reducing the levels of testosterone.

For further information on the Prostate and Prostate Cancer please go to the Cancer Research UK website.

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