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Shocked. Scared. Panicked. Confused. Embarrassed. Alone. Lonely… these are just some of the emotions you may be going through now if you think you could be pregnant.

Whether you are facing an unplanned pregnancy with the help and support of people around you, or whether you are facing it on your own, the information on this website should help to make things a bit clearer on your options and the support available to help you choose. No matter what happens – only YOU can decide on what to do because you are the person it will affect the most.

Unplanned Pregnancy

You need to find out if you really are pregnant. If your period is late and you think you may be pregnant, have a pregnancy test as soon as possible.

Continuing with the Pregnancy

How will I feel becoming a mother/father in a few months’ time? Is parenthood a good option for me right now? What does my partner think about us keeping the baby? Am I ready to be a responsible parent? Do I know what is expected of me?


If you find out that you are pregnant, (and you’ve had the pregnancy confirmed by a professional such as your doctor or a nurse) then there are many things you might need to consider.


Adoption is providing a child with new legal parents. If you are thinking about adoption ask yourself some questions such as is the adoption really best for me?

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