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You’ve met someone you really like and now you’re going out. But does this mean you have to start having sex?.

The simple answer is no. having sex doesn’t have to be the next step from kissing, or something you have to do when you’re 16… or when you’ve been going out for a certain length of time. Far from it.

The L Word

“What’s Love got to do with it?” No website about sex, relationships and sexuality would be complete without talking about love. When you fall in love with someone who feels the same way about you there is no better feeling in the world.

What Are Relationships?

The best relationships start with friendship and trust builds from there. You can go out with someone for a long time at any age and still find loads of ways to have fun and feel close without having sex.

Same Sex Relationships

Sexuality and sexual orientation is something people become increasingly aware of as they move through their teen years and into their 20’s. Many people know with certainty at an early age which sex they prefer.

Getting To Know Each Other

Just because you’ve met someone it doesn’t mean that sex is the most important thing to do – the best relationships start with knowing and understanding each other first.

Friends or Lovers?

A lot of the time relationships do begin as friendships. If this does happen, it can be very rewarding, as you’ll already know your partner and have a good start to exploring your feelings for each other.

Is This Love?

When it comes to relationships there is no place for violence, abuse or taking advantage of your partner.

Successful Relationships

Every relationship needs a solid foundation if it’s to survive all life can throw at it, it's hard work sometimes, but well worth it. Here are some essentials that spell success.

Losing Your Virginity

Think all your mates are doing it? Don’t be so sure. It’s a fact that many people Under 16yrs say they’ve had sex when they haven’t – just so that they look good, and many people wait until they are at least 16yrs or older.

Online Dating & Internet Safety

Online dating is often seen as a taboo or something to be laughed about but it can prove a really useful method of finding like-minded people as friends or more, especially for those who feel particularly isolated.


The Rape and Sexual Abuse Support Centre is committed to supporting people who have been affected by rape or sexual abuse. It does not matter how long ago it occurred or what happened they are here to help.

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