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Halton C-Card (Runcorn)

C-CardFree contraception and signposting service for 13-25 year olds.

C-Card allows young people to access free condoms from a variety of places across the borough. We hope to provide condoms and supporting material in a simple, safe and confidential way so that young people can build a relationship with our trained staff and therefore won’t feel embarrassed to seek condoms and advice when needed.

  • It’s Confidential
  • Minimal information is collected about you (we only ask for your Date Of Birth, Gender, Postcode, and Ethnicity) – so you don’t have to give us your name and address.

What Happens when a Young Person asks for a C Card?

A member of staff will:

  • Introduce the C- Card Scheme and tells you how it works
  • Discuss Confidentiality
  • Provide basic information on safer sex, including other types of contraception available, basic information on Sexually Transmitted Infections and how to find out more.
  • Condom demonstration (how to put a condom on properly)
  • What happens if anything goes wrong – Emergency contraception
  • Once the consultation is successfully completed (it takes around 15 minutes), the young person will be given a C- Card. Each C-Card has a unique ID code that is used for monitoring purposes

Repeat visits for condoms are recorded by the member of staff, and after six visits the young person will renew their card and have another 15 minute consultation with a worker. This means that the young person will continue to receive support for the decisions they are making around their sexual health and request additional information if required.

The aim of the C Card Scheme is to help young people to increase awareness about safer sex, unplanned pregnancies, HIV and other STIs. During this contact with young people, discussions on a range of sexual health and other issues may also be triggered and links can then be made with other young peoples’ services, such as the Youth Service and Community Sexual Health Clinics.

Young people can register on the C-Card Scheme whether they are sexually active or not. The Scheme can help prepare young people for safer sex and/or help them in exploring their sexuality.

The Scheme is not about promoting sex to young people, but is about acknowledging the fact that young people, some under the age of 16, do have sex and therefore have a real need for accurate sexual health information and services such as condoms in a safe and confidential environment.

For more C Card information please call Young Addaction Halton on 0151 257 2530

Further Information for Professionals and Parents / Carers

What is C Card; the legalities and the process – This is a powerpoint presentation that may be of particular interest to professionals and parents / carers wishing to understand the scheme in further detail. What is C Card, legal and process

C Card Sites and availability in Halton

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