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Do you use party drugs such as Crystal methamphetamine, Mephedrone, GHB/GBL for sex? Although these drugs can be enjoyable and fun to use, for some people these drugs can be problematic. We can help use these drugs in a safe way or can help you reduce or stop using them.

Our service can offer support in the following ways:

  • Better understanding of drugs used for chemsex
  • Enjoy sex in a safe way
  • Reduce drug use
  • Stop using drugs
  • Get clean needles
  • Provide PEP if you think you have been at risk of HIV
  • Screening and treatment for STI’s

    The team at St Helens are experienced sexual health staff who work with a support worker from Addaction drug service. We are non judgmental and understand the needs of guys using chems.

    To speak to one of the nursing team you can

    Text SUPPORT and your first name to 07950 081 399

    Email us at sexual.health@sthk.nhs.uk

    Call the nurses on 01744 646 008

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