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Peer Pressure

Peer pressure is the stress or strain you feel from your friends or others to act, behave, think and look a certain way. This kind of pressure can include anything from the clothes you wear when you go out – through to sexual activity and dating.

If you’re really worried about peer pressure it’s important to have someone you can talk to – someone you trust. This directory will point you in the right direction of services, groups and people that are around to help you feel better.

There’s a lot of pressure on people to have sex and not to have sex. It can come from friends, girlfriends / wives, boyfriends / husbands, parents and the media. But the truth is, only you can decide when you’re ready. See the relationships section for more information.

If someone’s putting you under pressure to have sex it’s the same as bullying or abuse. Over time it can be really upsetting. If someone is making you unhappy it might help to talk through your worries with someone – an older brother or sister, a parent, a friend or just someone who you really trust.

Some people prefer to talk to someone who doesn’t know them. If that’s how you feel, just give the ‘service’ a call and say you’d like to speak to someone who can give you a bit of advice. You can get free and confidential advice on sex and contraception, even if you’re under 16.

  • U19yrs can speak to health staff at Community Sexual Health Clinics, a member of the Teenage Pregnancy and Sexual Health Team, access a range of sexual health websites or call the Sexwise Helpline for free and confidential telephone advice.
  • Over 19yrs can speak to a doctor, health professional (Community Sexual Health Clinic staff), Health Trainer or Lifestyle Advisor who will all point you in the right direction of specialist help or advice.

Details of helplines and links to other websites can be found on this website.

It’s your decision to have sex and nobody else’s.

If it helps, write down all the positive things about having sex with the person you like and also write down the negative things. It could help you to get your thoughts straight.

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