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St Helens

Here you will find information about local community sexual health services for St Helens.

Emergency Contraception in St Helens

Where you can get free emergency hormonal contraception in St Helens. Always give the pharmacies a call before you go incase the trained pharmacist isn't there.

Free Contraception in St Helens

Where to get free contraception (including condoms), contraceptive advice, emergency contraception, pregnancy testing, Chlamydia tests in St Helens.

Community Sexual Health Clinics in St Helens

See what community sexual health services are on offer in St Helens. Clinics provide Contraceptive pills, Implants, Depo injection, Condoms, Emergency contraception, Pregnancy testing, Screening (Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea), Termination referrals, Signposting, advice and information.

St Helens C-card

The St Helens C-card Scheme will provide free condoms to young people between 13 and 25 years of age if they hold a valid C-card. The C-card will be given to young people by agencies across St Helens that are signed up to the scheme.

St Helens C-Card Pharmacies

If you already have a C-card, you can now obtain free condoms at some of the Pharmacies in St Helens. All you need to do is produce your C-card at the counter.

St Helens Teen Advice Zone (TAZ)

TAZ – Young Peoples Sexual Health Team provide young people with opportunities to learn about and discuss sexual health and relationships, encouraging then making informed decisions about their future.

School Nursing Team

The school nursing team in St. Helens consists of Specialist Community Practitioners in Public Health and School Nursing, School Nurses, Nursery Nurses, School Health Practitioners, Nurses with specialist areas of practice and a Health Care Assistant.

Alcohol and Drugs Services for St Helens

Where to get free, confidential support for people with problems with drugs or alcohol in St Helens

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