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St Helens C-card

C-CardAre you worried about catching a sexually transmitted infection?
Do you not want to become pregnant?
Do you think condoms are too expensive?
Are you thinking about sex and want to be ready?
Do you want to become familiar with condoms?

If you answered yes to these:

Do you live or study in St Helens?
Are you aged 13-25 years?

Have you heard of the C Card scheme?

The C Card scheme enables young people to access free condoms from a variety of venues across St Helens in a confidential and anonymous manner from trained staff so you do not need to feel embarrassed. It is there to help raise awareness on how you can protect yourself from a sexually transmitted infection or an unintended pregnancy. It encourages young people to take responsibility for their sexual health if they are being sexually active.

How do I get a C Card?

You can register at different venues in your first consultation:

  • You will be asked to see if you know the legal age of consent
  • If 13-16 you will be checked to see if you meet the Fraser Guidelines

The scheme will be explained to you:

  • You will be shown a condom demonstration
  • You will be offered a chlamydia screening
  • You will be asked for your postcode, mobile number and date of birth. We will never send anything out to you or contact you
  • You will be made aware of emergency contraception
  • You have eight times to get condoms then will have to get a new card

Where can I get a C Card from?

Open for all young people:

  • Parr Children’s Centre
  • Central Children’s Centre
  • Newton Boys and Girls Club
  • Lowe House Health Care Resource Centre
  • Newton Community Hospital
  • Haydock Health Centre
  • Four Acre Health Centre
  • TAZ Young people’s clinic
  • Sexual Health Clinic (GUM)

Do you attend any of these?

  • Ravenhead Foyer
  • Sherdley House
  • Project 162
  • Haydock High School
  • Skills Company
  • Selina Cooper House
  • Meyrick Court
  • Rainhill Sixth Form
  • Princes Trust
  • St Helens Youth Service
  • Rainford Sixth Form
  • Young people drug and alcohol team

You can also access condoms from pharmacies:

  • Millennium pharmacy, Corporation Street
  • Boggianos pharmacy, Walmesley Road
  • Boots Ravenhead Park, Milverny Way
  • Fingerpost Pharmacy, Higher Parr Street
  • Heaton’s Pharmacy, Bassenthwaite Avenue
  • Rowlands Pharmacy, Elephant Lane
  • Heath Pharmacy, Elephant Lane
  • Rowlands Pharmacy, Market Street
  • Well Pharmacy, Crab Street
  • Well Pharmacy, Church Road
  • Asda Pharmacy, Kirkland Street

If you 20 and over you can still get free condoms through condom by post.

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