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Preventing Sexually Transmitted Infections. (STIs)

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If you have decided to have sex with your partner, by using condoms correctly it can stop you from catching most STI's. There are other things that can be done to make sex safer;

  • Discuss with your partner before you have sex how you are both going to protect yourselves from pregnancy and STI'S. 
  • Practice using condoms so you know you are putting one on properly, and use a new one every time you have sex 
  • Always have a supply of condoms. You can get free condoms at many places; try different types of condoms until you are both happy. For anyone who is having anal sex 'stronger' condoms are recommended
  • Lubrication helps to prevent a condom from splitting, it helps to prevent friction and is good fun. It is recommended for anyone who is having anal sex and if you are newly sexually active
  • Get regular testing
  • Learn about how infections are spread and what symptoms to look for.

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