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Emergency Contraception in Widnes

Where you can get free emergency hormonal contraception in Widnes. Always give the pharmacies a call before you go incase the trained pharmacist isn't there.

Free Contraception in Widnes

Where to get free contraception (including condoms), contraceptive advice, emergency contraception, pregnancy testing, Chlamydia tests and more in Widnes.

Community Sexual Health Clinics in Widnes

Clinics provide Contraceptive pills, Implants, Depo injection, Condoms, Emergency contraception, Pregnancy testing, Screening (Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea), Termination referrals, Signposting, advice and information.

Halton C-Card (Widnes)

C-Card allows young people to access free condoms from a variety of places across the borough. We hope to provide condoms and supporting material in a simple, safe and confidential way so that young people can build a relationship with our trained staff and therefore won’t feel embarrassed to seek condoms and advice when needed.

Young Addaction

Young Addaction offer support and information around drug and alcohol misuse, sexual health and relationships to young people aged 10 – 19yrs.

Alcohol and Drugs Services for Widnes

Where to get free, confidential support for people with problems with drugs or alcohol in Widnes.

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