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Womens Health

Busy lifestyles bring new demands and pressures into your life and this can sometimes leave you with little time to focus on you and your own health. There are many ways which you can help yourself deal with changes in your body and try to prevent any symptoms of major illnesses. Have a look in this section for a range of sexual health topics and find out where to get help if you need it.

The Vagina

It’s not just men who worry about the size and shape of their penises – women are just as conscious about their vaginas during their development. Vagina’s also come in many different shapes and sizes and this is also perfectly normal.

The Female Reproductive System

Some things you should know about your genitals and the female ‘Reproductive System’.

The Female Orgasm

An orgasm (climax) is a very enjoyable release of built-up tension and energy. Orgasms are different for everyone which makes it difficult to explain. Some people describe feelings as a tingle, whereas others describe explosive feelings all over the body.

Cervical Cancer and Smear Tests

About 2,800 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer in the UK each year. Overall, 2 out of every 100 cancers diagnosed in women are cervical cancers. But it is the second most common cancer in women under 35yrs.


For many women all their problems would be solved if they just had bigger breasts. At the same time an equal amount of women wished they had smaller breasts. Why?

Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is now the most common cancer in the UK. More than 100 women are diagnosed with the disease every day. The risk of breast cancer increases with age. Four out of five cases occur after the age of 50.

Body Image

When we’re being constantly shown images of skinny glamorous women by the media it’s difficult to feel happy with our own bodies.

The HPV Vaccine

HPV stands for Human Papilloma Virus. There are over 100 types of HPV but only 13 of them are known to cause cancer. The others are harmless or cause genital warts (STI).

Female Sexuality

Sexuality and sexual orientation is something people become increasingly aware of as they move through their teen years and into their 20’s. Many people know with certainty at an early age which sex they prefer.

The Menopause

The menopause usually starts in women between their mid forties and mid fifties but it can be different for each individual. One thing to remember is that every woman goes through their menopause, just like every woman starts their periods.

Coping with Thrush

Thrush is caused by an imbalance of bacteria and yeast which lives in the Vagina. The yeast is called 'Candida Albicans' which can breed very quickly. Friendly bacteria in your Vagina fight against any infections but sometimes there can be a breakdown in the natural defence which is when thrush can set in and cause you discomfort and itching in the vaginal area.


Cystitis occurs when there is an inflammation or infection of the bladder lining and urinary system, which most women will experience at some point in their lives.

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