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Young People

This section is presented by the Family Planning Association. It’s specifically aimed at young people and for adults who wish to talk to young people about growing up. These booklets give you some facts about what to expect and some ideas on how to cope if it doesn’t happen quite like you thought it would.

Puberty 4 Boys

Sexual development can happen at any time between ten and 18, but usually begins around 13 or 14. It makes no difference when you start. It doesn’t affect what you will be like as an adult.

Puberty 4 Girls

Sexual development can start anywhere between the ages of eight to 14 with pubic and underarm hair and breasts starting to grow. Girls develop at different rates.

Puberty 4 You

You may have noticed things about yourself and your friends that are starting to change. Changing bodies, changing feelings, changing relationships.

VRMZ Young People’s Bus in Halton

The Mobile Outreach Service will deliver information and support to Children and Young People in Halton. Their aim is to offer Young people appropriate information and advice to help them to develop their own ability to make safe and informed choices.

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